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“I have always been captivated by recipes that differ slightly in taste from country to country. I would spend my time researching the ingredients and spices that lead to this subtle yet notable difference in flavour. So, I wanted to shed light on the different versions of recipes, pointing out their history and origins to give each of them its own character and background. 

Whenever I travelled, I always wanted to wander and explore the authentic and local restaurants to taste the most prominent and traditional dishes in every country. However, alongside my humble experience, I wanted the users to also share with me their own experiences.”


A Glimpse of Our Recipes

Garlic Butter Shrimp

The Garlic Butter sauce (known as “Beurre d’Ail” in French) is one of the three most famous butter-based sauces in France; the other two are Provençal and Beurre Bercy. Beurre d’Ail is commonly used with shrimp and escargot.



A popular dumpling dish, originating from the Mogul Empire and later spreading to Turkey and Armenia and other neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan and Afghanistan. It has a variety of different filling options including meat and vegetables. 

1hr 15min

Chocolate Cheesecake

Contrary to popular belief, cheesecake did not originate in New York, rather in Ancient Greece. This chocolate cheesecake however, has a modern twist on the traditional cheesecake. It is a baked cheesecake topped with a layer of mouthwatering chocolate ganache and decorated with all kinds of chocolate bars, cookies, and strawberries.

1hr 15min



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What to Expect

  • Cooktionary is a community that unites people who are passionate about cooking and getting creative in the kitchen. Discover new recipes, share your own concoctions, save your favorite recipes, get creative with food art and canapés – all in one place, accessible on all of your devices, anytime.

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Cooktionary has an abundance of kitchen-ready, tried and tested features our thousands of users love! 


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The 5 Parts of a Recipe

The yield indicates the number and size of servings the recipe will make. Knowing the yield in advance helps one to plan ahead and determine whether to increase or decrease the quantity.

Ingredients are listed in the exact amount needed, using the appropriate measuring units. Certain equipment or utensils, such as specific-sized pans, are sometimes listed within recipe instructions to ensure the success of the recipe.

All of our recipe instructions are written with extra care, to accommodate all types of chefs at all levels of experience. With a simplistic step by step approach, expect Insta-ready dishes.

Some recipes provide exact cooking
temperatures and times – i.e. 180°C for
15 minutes. Others will describe how to
cook the food – i.e. Heat liquid until it

We take the saying “The eye eats before the mouth tastes” seriously. Garnish and decoration instructions are included for each recipe.


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“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.”     – Thomas Keller

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